​The Mesquite Club, Inc.

​​Mesquite Club Membership 

Mesquite Club, Inc. has distinguished itself as a service organization in the Greater Las Vegas community in the city, the state and nationally as a member of the General Federation of Women's Club Awards.

 We are a Las Vegas Women's Club that began in 1911 and is still providing volunteer service to our Southern Nevada community more that 100 years later. 

Membership affords each women an opportunity to spearhead philanthropic projects, to form lasting friendships and pursue life-long learning. We support services for women and children and other demographincs in need through eduation, financial giving and donations.

One of the major advantages of The Mesquite Club. Inc. is that women can join either the Daytime or the Evening group. In addition, all events and programs are open to both groups. 


* The opportunity to give back to the community through a wide variety of Mesquite initiatives.

* A means to make use of your talents and develop leadership skills.

* Expand your world through a variety of topics presented by interesting and educational speakers. 

Kindly click on the below link for a Membership Application.